I have learned that bullying is something that will most likely never stop. No matter what everyone does, it will not stop. There will always be bully’s and victims. In the readings we have read, it says, quote “Director Lee Hirsh concludes that preventing bullying requires that we do more than institute anti-bullying policies and punish bullies.” Also I have learned that so many people are bullied  and it eventually causes people to take their lives everyday because of it. It is a fact that about 2,000 people commit suicide everyday. One of the things that bug me the most about this is that the only time people really realize that a student is being bullied is when they take their lives. All because no one noticed or payed enough attention to realize what was happening. People take their lives because they feel it is poiintless for them to live. No one pays  attention to them. They get tired of living. I have learned that most people in schools are oblivious to the bullying. They say and believe that there is nothing wrong with the students at the school. Everyday bullying and people don’t realize or don’t do anything about it. They bystand and by doing so, they encourage the bully. Even though people report the bullying, the teachers and/or principal sometimes ignore the problem. They refuse to believe that bullying happens in their school. I have learned that people like alex have a hard time making friends. This makes him an easy target for bullies because he has no one to defend him or report the bully. I have learned so much about bullying. Most of the things I learned, I never would have thought could be possible.

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