Blogging challenge #4

Music - that was then, this is now!
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Lambert Wolterbeek Muller via Compfight

Challenge 4

I’m writing this challenge about music. I am writing this post about music because it is I think my favourite thing in the world. No matter what nood I am in, music expresses it. There is music for every mood there is. Music is my life. I don’t rememeber when I first started to listen to music but it has been something I always look forward to. Music understands me when no one else can. Music is what I turn to when I amgoing through something bad such as having a fight with friends. (this doesn’t happen ofthen though) Even when nothing is happening I turn to music. Music is my comfort. Music is one of the things that will always stay with me even when others aren’y with me. Music is important to me and always will be important to me.

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