Blogging Challenge #1

Challenge 1

this challenge is all about writing people you want to meet and what kind of questions whould you ask that person?

10: Great Grandpa Armand- Did you enjoy building your house and would you be happy that Great Grandma is still living there?

9: Taylor Lautner- Can I feel your abs?

8: Drake- Who is your insiration/ idol?

7: Eminem- What is your album, Recovory about?

6: Gramps- is there really heaven?

5: Veronica Roth- How did you get the idea to right the books Divergent and insurgent? Why did you write the series?

4: Cate Tiernan- Why did you decide to write about immortals? What gave you the idea of write about immortals? How did you become a writer?

3: Ashley Green- How did you become interested in acting? Why did you become an actress?

2: Aliens- Do you actually exsist? Are you planning an attack on the earth?

1: Albert Einstein- Are you really as smart as everyone clais you were?

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